Renewal Requirements for Wyoming Educator License or Permit

All Wyoming educators are required to complete Professional Development/Renewal Credits in order to renew a license or permit. Renewal requirements vary depending on the type of license or permit an applicant holds. The requirements for renewing your specific license or permit are listed on the reverse side of the license or permit itself. Please review your license or permit prior to submitting a renewal application to ensure you have met all renewal requirements for your specific license or permit type.

For most teaching & administrative fields, five (5) Professional Development/Renewal Credits will be required to renew. However, YOU are responsible for ensuring that you have met the renewal requirements for your specific license or permit type, prior to renewal.

RENEW ONLINE or visit our Applications page to Download a Renewal Application

If you need to OBTAIN CREDITS for your renewal

There are several options available for obtaining Professional Development/Renewal credit hours.
  • College courses from an accredited institution–this includes community colleges in your area
  • PTSB approved workshops – these can include school district workshops, community workshops, or workshops by educational organizations
  • See the links below regarding workshop credits:
  • Continuing education (for Nurses, Social Workers, Counselors, & Speech Language Pathologists ONLY. Classroom teachers may NOT use this option.)
  • Credits earned while pursuing National Board Certification

If you are ADDING AN ENDORSEMENT at Renewal

If you are ADDING AN ENDORSEMENT to your license at renewal time, please complete Section IV. “Additional Endorsements” in the Renewal application and submit all requested documentation along with your completed application packet.


If you are renewing your coaching endorsement you must meet the First-Aid/CPR requirement. Online courses are not accepted for this requirement. It must be a HANDS-ON training course.

A Coaching Endorsement is for currently licensed teachers only. It is an “endorsement area” that is added to an applicant’s standard Wyoming Educator License. Just like any other endorsement, all of your coaching endorsements will automatically be renewed with the renewal of your Standard Educator License. If you would like to drop any of your coaching endorsements, you will need to notify us in writing.

Please note: There is no additional fee for renewing a coaching endorsement when you renew your Educator License.