Adding an Endorsement

Wyoming does NOT allow applicants to add an endorsement solely by taking an exam. You must meet the requirements for one of the options below in order to add an endorsement to your educator license.

Any teacher with a current, valid Wyoming license in one teaching endorsement area may apply to add additional teaching endorsement areas to his or her Wyoming license.

(Out-of-state applicants can find additional information on how you may add additional endorsements when applying for your initial Wyoming license.)

Available endorsement areas

Wyoming offers two options for adding endorsements:

Adding Endorsements by Institutional Recommendation

An applicant may add an endorsement area by completing an approved educator preparation program in the desired teaching field from a regionally accredited institution. If the educator does not already hold a teaching endorsement at the grade level(s) of the added endorsement, the program must include student teaching and/or a practicum at the grade level(s) of the added-endorsement (i.e… an individual currently endorsed in biology 6-12 and is completing a program to add ESL K-12, the practicum must include student teaching or a practicum at the elementary K-6 or K-12 grade level(s), and the program must lead to an Institutional Recommendation for educator licensure or certification.

Please Note: An applicant should contact his/her institution of higher education to determine whether or not the program is accredited and will lead to an Institutional Recommendation.

Testing Requirements
Please review the Testing Requirements page for complete details on test requirements for added endorsements.

Download Complete Application Packet for Adding Endorsements from our Applications Page

There is no additional fee to add endorsements to a Wyoming Educator License through an Institutional Recommendation if it is done at the same time you are applying for an Initial, Reinstatement, or Renewal license.

Fees for Added Endorsements by Institutional Recommendation when applied for at any time other than Initial, Reinstatement or Renewal licensure are as follows:

Endorsement in a teaching field — $50.00 per endorsement
Complete Fee Schedule

Demonstration of Competency

A Demonstration of Competency is an alternative route for adding an endorsement area to a Wyoming Educator License. It allows an applicant to utilize previously completed coursework from an institution of higher education toward obtaining a Wyoming endorsement. Requirements for a Demonstration of Competency are as follows:

  • Demonstration of Competency can only be used to add an endorsement at the grade level for which the applicant holds a valid and current license.
  • 27 semester hours of coursework from a regionally accredited institution of higher education, in the specific content area for which the applicant is seeking an added endorsement (multiply quarter hours by 2/3 to convert to semester hours).
  • Nine (9) of the 27 semester hours must have been completed within the past five (5) years
  • A maximum of three (3) semester hours may be in pedagogy and must be at the grade level for which the applicant is already currently licensed
  • Only coursework with a grade of “C” or better, including a maximum of six (6) credits of “pass” grades equivalent to a “C” or better, will be accepted.
  • Receive a passing score on a PTSB approved Praxis II exam (or OPI exam for foreign language applicants) endorsement sought.

NOTE: The following endorsements cannot be added via Demonstration of Competency: Elementary Education; School Administrator (District Superintendent, School Principal, Program Director/Coordinator); Related Services (School Psychologist, School Counselor, School Social Worker, Speech Pathologist, School Nurse); and Categorical Special Education fields.

Testing Requirements
Please review the Testing Requirements page for complete details on test requirements for added endorsements.

If applying to add additional endorsement areas at any time other than when applying for initial or renewal, please complete the ENTIRE Add Endorsement application packet.

If you would like to add additional endorsement areas to your Wyoming Educator License at the same time you are applying for an initial, reinstatement, or renewal license, please complete Section IV Additional Endorsements, gather all applicable documentation and submit it along with your completed application.

Demonstration of Competency Pre-Evaluation
For applicants who are not sure if they have met the DOC application requirements or who are interested in seeking guidance on what coursework would count towards a DOC. PTSB offers a Pre-Evaluation process resulting in individualized guidance on any outstanding requirements.

Tips for the Demonstration of Competency

Demonstration of Competency Disclaimer
Applicants who may be considering adding an endorsement through a Demonstration of Competency should be aware that this is an alternative route for obtaining an endorsement to a Wyoming Educator License and may not be accepted for licensure or endorsement in other states.

PTSB recommends that all applicants strongly consider the benefits of adding an endorsement through an Institutional Recommendation, instead of via Demonstration of Competency. An endorsement received through an Institutional Recommendation will be accepted for licensure/endorsement in any state.