National Board Certification

National Board Certification is considered by many to be the highest symbol of professional teaching excellence. National certification attests to the fact that you have been judged by your peers as one who is accomplished in your field. Being Nationally Board Certified comes with numerous rewards.

PTSB is proud to be a part of the initiative for National Board Teacher Certification.

As of March 2010, the John P. Ellbogen Foundation is administering this program for educators. For more information regarding state support for NBCT candidates, please visit the Wyoming, National Board Certification Iniative website:

Benefits of Pursuing National Board Certification

  • Strengthens teaching practice
  • Improves students’ learning according to a vast majority of research
  • Advances teaching careers
  • Increases financial opportunities in many states and districts
  • Provides a portable teaching license in most states
  • Contributes to CEU/re-certification requirements in some states

Wyoming offers significant financial benefits to those seeking National Board Certification including:

Financial Support
Financial support for candidates pursuing National Board Certification is available though special grants and subsidies. This funding is made available to help offset the cost of assessment fees.

Salary Bonus
In 2007, the state legislature approved a bonus of $4000 per year for educators who are Nationally Board Certified. The bonus remains effective for the life of the certificate.

Additional Financial Incentives
Some districts offer additional incentives for Nationally Board Certified Teachers (contact your district directly to inquire about additional incentives).

John P. Ellbogen Foundation

National Board Certification Initiative

The John P. Ellbogen Foundation National Board Certification Initiative is committed to assisting Wyoming educators in achieving National Board Certification. The foundation provides significant financial assistance, as well as offering programs for candidate support through every step of the national board certification process. If you are a Wyoming educator interested in becoming nationally board certified, your first step should be to contact the Ellbogen Foundation.

For more information please visit their website at