Attending a Workshop

If you are interested in ATTENDING a workshop:

Successful completion of PTSB approved workshops for in-service/staff development credit may be used to renew a license or permit. Credits earned are based upon the number of contact hours, the professional development content, and the credentials of the instructor.

To determine your number of eligible credits based on the contact hours for any workshop that you have attended, please refer to the list below:

7 Contact hours = ½ credit14 Contact hours = 1 credit
21 Contact hours = 1 ½ credits28 Contact hours = 2 credits
35 Contact hours = 2 ½ credits42 Contact hours = 3 credits
49 Contact hours = 3 ½ credits56 Contact hours = 4 credits
63 Contact hours = 4 ½ credits70 Contact hours = 5 credits

Workshops NO LONGER accepted by PTSB

Infant Adoption Training
Master Gardener Training
Police Academy Training
Real Estate Training
Fire Safety Training

To ensure that you receive credit for a workshop you have attended:

  • Make certain that it has been PTSB approved.
  • Be sure to sign in on the participant sign-in sheet provided by the sponsor or coordinator

Important information to ensure you receive PTSB renewal credits!

Note: When taking ed2go courses that are offered, please be aware that not ALL ed2go courses are accepted by PTSB for renewal credit. When choosing an ed2go courses, please be sure that the course(s) are educationally related and that the course falls into one or more of the following categories:

  • Improving your role as an educator
  • Improving your skill in the classroom
  • Improving your knowledge as it relates to your specific teaching areas(s)
  • Improving student achievement

Attention! If you are interested in taking the Wyoming Coaches Association/Foundation’s Summer Clinic you can find more information about registering and course offerings by clicking the link:

Wyoming Coaches Association/Foundation