Alternative Licensing Programs

Wyoming does not have a state-approved alternative licensing program. PTSB does recognize some alternative route program from other states; however, each program must be evaluated to determine if it is substantially equivalent to the Wyoming program approval standards and processes. At a minimum, an out-of-state alternative licensing program must be from a regionally accredited institution of higher education, be state-approved in the state where the institution is physically located, and have all the requisite components of a traditional route program including but not limited to student teaching requirements.

If you completed an alternative licensing program in another state, PTSB may be able to license you via work experience if you taught full-time for at least three (3) out of the last six (6) years while fully licensed in each endorsement area taught.

If you are considering completing an out-of-state alternative licensing program, PTSB strongly encourages you to research the programs thoroughly prior to enrolling to determine if the program will be accepted by PTSB and lead to licensure in Wyoming.