International Applicants

Applicants Who Acquired Their Educator License or Certificate Outside of the United States

If you are from another country and you want to know whether Wyoming will issue you a Wyoming Educator License, your first step is to determine U.S. equivalency of your education program by having your college/university transcript(s) evaluated by one of the transcript evaluation services listed below. With the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree and completion of a teacher preparation program, you may qualify for a Wyoming Educator License using the traditional route.


Please click on the following link for a list of current members of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services which are approved Transcript Evaluation Services

Please note when requesting your transcripts to be evaluated, please request that the transcript evaluation service agency provides you with a course by course evaluation.

Once you have received the results of your international transcript evaluation, you can begin the initial licensure process.

Hosting a Foreign Educator

If you are Wyoming school district interested in hosting a foreign Educator, these individuals may apply for our Visiting Foreign Teacher Permit. This permit is valid for one year. The visiting educator must be an experienced and certified/licensed in their native country. In addition these individuals must be able to speak and write the English language fluently as demonstrated by passing score on a PTSB approved test of English proficiency.

Please contact PTSB for more information pertaining to what application these individuals will need to complete. For testing information please click HERE.