Institutional Recommendation

An Institutional Recommendation is an official form, typically completed by the Dean of the College of Education or the Certification Officer at the applicant’s college or university, and serves as verification of the following:

  • That the applicant has met all of the requirements for completion of his/her program.
  • That the university is “recommending” the applicant for endorsement in the area(s) which correspond with his/her teacher preparation program.
  • That the applicant is eligible for licensure in the state in which the college or university is located.

An example of the Institutional Recommendation can be found in most PTSB application packets under the “Supplemental Forms” section.

Your first step towards insuring that the State of Wyoming will issue you a teaching license or approve an added endorsement to your current license is to get an Institutional Recommendation from the college or university where you completed the coursework for all of your endorsement areas.

This applies to all educators regardless of the length of time they may have been teaching in another state. The only way PTSB can properly endorse educator credentials is through an Institutional Recommendation.

If you cannot get the Institutional Recommendation, you will not be eligible for licensure or the added endorsement under Wyoming’s traditional licensing route, although you may still be eligible to pursue an Alternative Route.

Please note the following to help avoid delays in the process:

  • When requesting an Institutional Recommendation, be sure to have your institution list any/all endorsement areas you are seeking.
  • The Institutional Recommendation MUST be filled out completely. An IR that is missing information cannot be processed and will lead to delays.
  • The Institutional Recommendation MUST bear the institution’s Official Seal.

Note: PTSB does not provide transcript evaluation services to determine eligible endorsements. You will ONLY receive endorsements for the area(s) listed on the Institutional Recommendation.