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Exception Authorization

Exception Authorization

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An Exception Authorization is issued strictly in emergency situations to individuals who, due to extenuating circumstances, have not met all of the requirements for full licensure. It is valid for one year and allows the applicant to teach in a Wyoming school district while the requirements to obtain full licensure are completed.

Applicants must meet very specific requirements in order to be eligible for an Exception Authorization.  In addition, an Exception Authorization is valid ONLY for the specific job position which the applicant originally applied for when requesting the Exception.  It is not transferable to any other job position within the district or for the same position in any other district.

Applicants may be issued an Exception Authorization under the following circumstances ONLY:

  • Applicants who meet all requirements for a Wyoming Educator License except submission of the required passing test score.
  • Applicants who are assigned to teach in an area in which they are not endorsed but are seeking full licensure in that same endorsement area.  For example:
    • Applicants who have completed a degree in a teaching field but have not completed the teacher education content.
    • Out-of-state applicants who did not complete an accredited teacher education program and have not taught 3 out of the last 6 years in the endorsement area they are seeking while holding full licensure in that same state.
  • Currently certified educators who are assigned to teach one or two classes outside of their endorsement area.

For complete details on the requirements and limitations on the Exception Authorization, please download and review the Exception Authorization Application Packet or Chapter 5 of the Wyoming Rules and Regulations Governing Licensure for School Personnelfound here.

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