Two-Year Internship Permit

An individual who holds an Internship Permit is eligible to serve in a specific assignment as an intern for a Wyoming public school. It is a temporary permit good for two calendar years. Before applying for the Internship Permit, the applicant must make arrangements with a school district for an available internship position. If the school district chooses, an intern may be paid during an internship.

Please Note: The Internship Permit is required for ALL education personnel who will be performing the role of an intern, regardless of whether the position is paid or unpaid.

Two-year Internship Permits Offered by PTSB:

  • District Superintendent
  • School Principal
  • Program Director/Coordinator/Supervisor

Requirements (in addition to all general requirements listed on the Wyoming Educator Permit Application)

  • Enrollment letter from the applicant’s educational institution stating acceptance into an internship program
  • College transcript showing most current courses taken by the applicant
  • Letter verifying acceptance in an internship position with a school district AND verification of supervision during the internship period

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