PTSB Board

The PTSB Board

As per WS 21-2-801, PTSB Board members are appointed by the state superintendent and the governor. Each member serves a term of four years and is limited to two terms.

Shawn PeckElementary TeacherRiverton
Liesl Sisson
Secondary TeacherGuernsey
Jason Wheeler (Parliamentarian)Secondary TeacherMeeteetse
Jennifer SchultzeSecondary TeacherBuffalo
Daniel Mayer
Auxiliary Professional ServicesEvanston
Ray ReutzelUW - Post -Secondary DeanLaramie
Aaron Jensen (Vice Chair)Community CollegeRock Springs
Janice MarshallSchool Board MemberLaramie
Sara ReedElementary TeacherRozet
Mike HamelCentral Office AdminRawlins
Tracy Ragland (Board Chair)Secondary PrincipalNewcastle
Liann BrennemanElementary PrincipalLaramie
Jenna ShimApproved ProgramsLaramie

Our Role

The Professional Teaching Standards Board has been authorized by the Wyoming state legislature to:

Upcoming Board Meetings

PTSB’s regularly scheduled Board meeting will be the third Monday and Tuesday of every June at the PTSB office located in Cheyenne, WY in the absence of any other selected location.

By resolution the PTSB has scheduled the following regular meetings:

Regular Board Meeting – Monday, March 11, 2019 – Virtual 3:30 pm

Special Board Meeting (Discipline Hearings) – Monday, April 29, 2019, in Casper, WY

PTSB Board Retreat – Monday, June 10-11, 2019 – Cheyenne

Board Meeting Minutes