General FAQ

What are the requirements for teaching in Wyoming?

Complete requirements for teaching in Wyoming can be found on our Becoming Licensed in Wyoming page.

How do I get an application?

All applications can be downloaded from our Applications page.

How long will it take PTSB to process my application?

Our average processing time for a COMPLETE application four to six weeks. We process approximately 50% of our applications during the summer months, June through August; during these months the processing time is six to eight weeks.

Will PTSB evaluate my credentials before I submit an application?

No. To initiate an evaluation of your credentials you are required to submit a complete application with the required fee. Please do not request that we review your transcripts, credentials, degree, etc. A complete application must be submitted prior to any evaluation by PTSB.

Can I get a list of my PTSB renewal credits?

Renewal credits are available online. Please login to your account to track your renewal credits.

Can I get a copy of my license? A copy of my transcripts?

Duplicate copies of documents PTSB has “on file” will be sent to you upon receipt of $10 per request for transcripts and $20 per license request. Your request for duplicates must be made in writing and specific to your need. Please include your social security number, address, and check or money-order.

Send requests to:

Professional Teaching Standards Board 
1920 Thomes Avenue, Suite 400
Cheyenne, WY 82002

Does Wyoming have any emergency or provisional licensing?

Wyoming may issue a one year Exception Authorization to applicants who are not eligible for a Standard Teaching License. Applicants must meet the following requirements to obtain an Exception Authorization:

1. Have a Bachelor’s degree in the area in which you are applying to teach.
2. Have been hired by an accredited school district or school in Wyoming.
3. The district must show evidence that they have searched for and have been unable to hire a qualified, fully certified person.
4. The applicant must provide documentation of how they will be working toward full licensure during this one year; and how they will obtain full certification within three years.

A second year of an Exception Authorization may be issued if the applicant demonstrates significant progress toward full licensure. A total of three (3) Exception Authorizations may be issued. Significant progress toward full licensure must be demonstrated each year.

Additional requirements for an Exception Authorization are clearly stated on the Exception Authorization Application on our Applications page.

What is a PTSB approved workshop?

These are professional staff development workshops, approved by PTSB for renewal requirements, content, and clock hours. PTSB review is requested by educational organizations, school districts, and the Wyoming Department of Education. We have provided a list of upcoming PTSB approved workshops for your convenience.

I’m having trouble viewing/downloading the documents on your site.

To view documents (.pdf files) from this site you need Adobe’s Acrobat Reader. It is also important to note that our online systems are optimized for a PC. If you are using a Mac to login to your PTSB online account, you will only be able to view PDF files of your information.

How do I know if my college/program is approved with PTSB?

The best way to determine if your college or program has been approved is to contact the institution and speak with an advisor from their College of Education. For additional information, visit our Approved Programs Page. We also have a list of regional accrediting bodies recognized by the PTSB.

Can I send in part of my application or a single transcript in order to get the processing of my application started, and then send in the missing documentation afterward?

No. PTSB does not accept incomplete applications. Any applications with missing or incomplete information will be marked incomplete and the processing will be delayed. In order to ensure that your application is processed in a timely manner, you must send in a COMPLETE APPLICATION PACKET.

What if I apply for a teaching position in Wyoming before I have a license?

While PTSB does not discourage educators from applying for positions in Wyoming, it is our recommendation that you at a minimum, start the application process concurrently with your job search.

The advantages of already having your license are as follows:

  • The competition for teaching positions in Wyoming is at an all time high. Educators that already have a license are much more likely to receive first consideration for open positions in Wyoming School Districts.
  • If you apply for a vacant teaching position and are hired before acquiring a license, there is a chance that your actual employment start date is delayed.
  • Being hired before licensure can also affect your starting rate of pay. Many times, an applicant who has not acquired a teaching license prior to their start date has to begin employment on a “substitute” rate of pay.

If you have a serious interest in becoming an educator in the State of Wyoming, our recommendation is that you start the licensure process now.

I’ve already applied. What is my effective date?

For applicants who may be concerned about the “effective” date of their license or permit, please be assured that the effective date of your license will be the date your completed application was received by our office.

For example: If your completed application was received on 05/01/2018, but it takes five weeks for the license to be issued, the effective date of your license will be 05/01/2018, not the date it was issued. Therefore, it is critical that you have carefully followed the application instructions and have submitted a completed application packet that includes ALL required documentation. Applications that are received incomplete or have missing information will be marked as incomplete and processing will be delayed.